Welcome to Guidelines 2016!

Guidelines 2016 – Evolving for Excellence will be one of the world’s first conventions about resuscitation since the release of the 2015 international consensus statements.

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Our meeting in Auckland is the perfect opportunity to look at key developments from the international guideline review. What does the evidence show now? What changes might we need to make? And how do we implement the findings into practice and teaching? Keynote Speakers involved in developing the consensus statements will help us discuss these questions, and what this may mean for New Zealand and Australia.

For the first time, First Aid has been included in the international guideline review. I think this acknowledges the crucial role of the public and first responders in effecting the Chain of Survival. It also signals that resuscitation – in its broadest sense – must be rigorously scrutinised to promote good outcomes for those in need.

Our meeting will also herald the re-launch of CORE – our resuscitation training programme for New Zealand’s health professionals. We hope that all instructors are able to join us for this event.

See you in Auckland.

Richard Aickin
Conference Convenor and Chair,

New Zealand Resuscitation Council