Resilient Auckland Expo – A Public Event Open to All to Attend

Promoting awareness of how and what you should be doing now, to reduce the impact of disaster on commercial properties, homes and yourselves.

Auckland has been listed as one of the most liveable cities in the world (the Economist Intelligence Unit) and only through enhancing our resilience and preparedness, will we ensure that we maintain this position in times of disaster.

Are Aucklanders prepared and ready for when disaster strikes?

This expo invites all Aucklanders (building owners, tenants, and the public) to learn about strengthening the resilience of their buildings from natural disasters, and enhancing their business continuity plans, and improving their personal disaster preparedness.  Investment now in planning how to safeguard and futureproof against natural disasters,  will save significant costs and emotional distress in the long run.

The goal of the 2 day Resilient Auckland Expo is to promote awareness of how and what people should be doing now, to reduce the impact of disaster on commercial properties, homes and themselves.

Auckland Council will be promoting this Expo at the Aotea Centre through its public communication channels, seeking to draw in public crowds to visit exhibitors and attend the following session being held in conjunction with the annual New Zealand Society of Earthquake Engineering Conference at the same venue:

Friday 21st March
13.40 – 15.10

Where are our URM buildings and what level of shaking is likely to initiate damage?
Jason Ingham, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Auckland

Volcanic and seismic hazard in Auckland: Just how shaky is our isthmus?
Jan Lindsay, School of Environment, University of Auckland

Natural hazard risk management and planning in a growing Auckland
Mark Tamura, Team Leader, Unitary Plan, Auckland Council