Please click on the workshop titles that are underlined in blue below to access their presentations.  Please note that not all presenters gave permission for their presentations to be made available.


Wednesday 13th July

1.1 Automate Your Success – Become a Super EO!
Craig Rispin

1.2 Funding and Finances Demystified
MoE Financial Advisors

1.3 Project Management Nuts and Bolts
Annette Garcia

1.4 Disaster Preparation and Recovery
Matthew Nolan


2.1 Health & Safety – Your Safety Keeps me Healthy
Richard Wards

2.2 Managing Your Life in the Cloud
Julian Adamson

2.3 Are you sick of grunting?
Mark Hadlow

2.4 Payroll – Covering Collective Agreements, Banked Staffing and Payroll Processes
Panel Session with the Ministry of Education and EPL


Thursday 14th July

Jane O’Shea

3.1 Handling Diverse and Difficult Conversations
Jane O’Shea

3.2 Finance in Schools – Beyond the Abacus
Michael Lee

3.3 Property Part 1
Education Infrastructure Service, Ministry of Education

3.4 Mindfulness – the Centre of it All
Jamie Howell


4.1 Human Resources Unleashed
Nicole Williams

4.2 Community of Learners
Karen Stewart

4.3 Property Part 2
Education Infrastructure Service, Ministry of Education

4.4 Influencing without Authority or Position Power
Peter Jamieson


Friday 15th July

5.1 The Appraisal Process
Rosita Guy

5.2 All of Government Contract and Procurement
Jan Barnett & Dean Hollis

5.3 Leadership – How to get Extraordinary Things done in your School
Peter Jamieson

5.4 Keeping the Bounce in your Bungy!
Annette Milligan


6.1 The Outdoor Classroom
Gayle Souter-Brown

6.2 Self- Management – the Key to a Better You
Rosita Guy

6.3 Conquer the Funding Shortage
Fundraising Institute of New Zealand

6.4 International Students
John van der Zwan & Diana Murdoch

Workshop Outlines

1.1 Automate Your Success – Become a Super EO!
Are you tired of technology that doesn’t work? Wouldn’t it be great to have technology that actually helped you be more successful, less busy, get more sleep and cost very little? There really is a better way!

Some What You’ll Learn:

  • Personal Technology and Collaboration Tools to Help You Get More Done
  • Cloud Computing to Help You Simplify and Save
  • Customer Self-Service – Let Your Customers Help Themselves 24/7
  • Outrageous Outsourcing – Access Thousands of Skilled Workers Online
  • BYOD in Education and Desktop Virtualization
  • The Internet of Things for Schools – Everything and Everybody Gets an IP address
  • Security Concerns in a School Setting – No, You’re Not Doing It Right

1.2 Funding and Finances Demystified
Just started on the path to become a super EO?  Then this workshop run by Ministry of Education financial advisers will provide you with expertise on Ministry funding.  They will cover topics such as how to access the Ministry’s website, how to utilise the funding and staffing calculators for budgetary purposes and explain what those Operations Grant notices actually mean.

1.3 Project Management Nuts and Bolts
From renovating a kitchen to the modernisation of an H block the principles of any project remain the same.  Add to your eclectic skills toolbox by coming along to this workshop to learn the skills to manage any project, including setting your project goals, who I need to communicate with, staying on plan, and other key project management principles required for success – that is – what I need to achieve.

1.4 Disaster Preparation and Recovery
Recent world events highlight an emerging imperative for modern Policing – gaining access to site based information including floor plans and other vital data about schools including alternate contact / cell phone numbers, evacuation options etc. The immediate availability of this data guides emergency control centre operators (111) and empowers responders.

Many schools have used the Readynet service to share their vital information with Police 111.

The workshop will provide an update on trends and developments underway in 2016.

2.1 Health & Safety – Their Safety Keeps me Healthy
Richard Wards, Senior Adviser – Schools and ECE Health and Safety from the Ministry of Education, will discuss the impact of the new health and safety regulations and what schools need to know, and do.

This session will focus on what resources are available to schools and key changes that are required:

  • broadening the primary duty of care to keep all workers and others safe in the workplace
  • the emphasis on worker participation and engagement with workers
  • the need for multiple PCBUs (eg. a board of trustees and a construction company) to consult, co-operate and co-ordinate risks for all workers
  • redefining the workplace from a physical site to wherever the work is carried out e.g. when workers and students go on school camps or participate in Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) experiences

2.2 Managing Your Life in the Cloud
Life in modern schools is a complex and busy one. We have multiple stakeholders and accountabilities and so much to do! We also have lots of tools that we are supposed to be able to use to help us with that, but often it can seem that we just don’t have time to use these tools to their best, or even to know what these tools can really do!

Julian is an Assistant Principal from Marlborough Girls’ College with a passion for using cloud based tools to support organisation and learning. He has lots of experience with the Google Apps suite of tools and the many, many cloud based tools that help to make life easier.

In this session we will have a look at the basics of cloud based computing and then introduce some of the hottest tools out there to support you in your role as Executive Officers including: Google Apps, Dropbox and cloud file-sharing tools, communication tools like Google Hangouts, administrative tools like Doctopus and a brief overview of Microsoft 365. We will discuss the pros and cons of free vs cost tools and some aspects of security while using these tools.

There will be a large “hands-on” aspect to this session so that you get a chance to have a go and play with these tools to see which ones will help you the most, and a chance to ask those questions you may have always wanted to ask about cloud computing.

2.3 Are you sick of grunting?
Going back face to face communication – let’s get away from emails and start talking again!

2.4 Payroll – Covering Collective Agreements, Banked Staffing and Payroll Processes
This workshop will be a panel style discussion with representatives from MOE Payroll, MOE Industrial Relations and MOE Resourcing.  Your queries on those pesky Collective Agreements we have to employ our staff by will be answered and clues given on how to successfully manage your banked staffing.   EPL Ltd complete the line-up to provide answers on payroll queries.

3.1 Handling Diverse and Difficult Conversations
How to know when a difficult conversation has your name on it. How to start and what to do in the moment. What to do when emotion shows up in the conversations – yours or theirs. How to give feedback without the other shutting down or pushing back. What to do with resistance.

3.2 Finance in Schools – Beyond the Abacus
Accounting for School Hero’s
• Audit requirements
• Voluntary and not-so-voluntary fees
• Budgetting and cash flows – in and out
• Koha’s
• Probity guidelines
• Who is an employee and who is a contractor – withholding tax implications
• Third party payments – commissions – tax implications
• Donations & sponsorships – GST implications

3.3 Property Part 1
HELIOS – Presented by Education Infrastructure Service, Ministry of Education

The Ministry’s current Property Management Information System (PMIS) is only able to provide some of the asset information needed to enable us to fully optimise the economic life of school buildings. PMIS has been running for 22 years and, although it has had upgrades, it has reached the point where it is no longer serviceable as a modern property management information system.

HELIOS is the new asset management system replacing PMIS. HELIOS will aim to be a single source of the truth about school projects. It will offer a range of information that will assist the Ministry, project managers and most importantly schools, in planning, reporting and managing future infrastructure projects.

HELIOS will be available to access by Schools and project managers via a portal in late 2016. This session will demonstrate HELIOS, look at its features and its interface and answer any questions you may have.

3.4 Mindfulness – the Centre of it All
Mindfulness brings calm and clarity to the mind. It is about building a skill set to work with challenging emotions and stressful environments. Modern life is often busy with many demands for attention both at work and at home. Mindfulness addresses this situation by contacting and deepening the capacity for calm, as calm deepens we naturally begin to feel more spacious, creative, confident. The brain and body are rewired to become less reactive and more responsive, put simply, the person who is mindful (self aware) has more options.”

4.1 Human Resources Unleashed
The employment of the wrong person or not following the correct employment process can leave us red-faced.  The correction can also be time-consuming and/or costly to our boards.

Join NZSTA in this workshop as they guide us through their HR Toolbox providing examples of best practice for the recruitment of staff, the documentation required by law, and the records we should keep and maintain.

4.2 Community of Learners
The Ministry of Education has been working, since early 2014, with the educational community to develop the ‘Investing in Educational Success’ (IES) initiative.  Aimed at lifting student achievement as well as offering new career opportunities for teachers, IES provides a process for communities to work collaboratively to raise achievement for all children and young people. The Blenheim Community of Schools (2BCoS) was one of the first communities of learning to work through the process. This workshop uses our journey to explain the significance of this initiative for New Zealand’s young people and our communities.

This workshop will explain:

  • Explain how schools will be resourced to support teachers and principals to collaborate
  • How 2BCoS has come together to identify our common academic challenges,  ensure action and resources are targeted where they are most needed

4.3 Property Part 2
Updates from the Infrastructure Space – Presented by Education Infrastructure Service, Ministry of Education

The interactive session will cover:

  • Innovative Learning Environments / Flexible Learning Spaces
  • New and future initiatives in Education Infrastructure Service including updates on:
    • Transport
    • Policies

4.4 Influencing Without Authority or Position Power
In this workshop you will have an opportunity to explore win-win conversations, positive persuasion, and enlisting people to accomplish mutually beneficial outcomes. Improving your understanding of what motivates others, and their preferred communication style, will enable you to develop effective communication strategies with key people.

5.1 The Appraisal Process
Feedback is a communication process essential for all employees in building a productive working relationship as it communicates regularly to an individual how he/she is fulfilling the objectives and goals set together by the leader and those reporting to the leader.

  • identifying the objectives/goals of the organisation
  • translating the organisation’s objectives/goals into individual objectives/goals
  • the process of giving & receiving feedback
  • verbal and non verbal feedback
  • considering your own biases and prejudices
  • the do’s and don’ts of listening
  • dealing with achievements and challenges
  • focusing on what can be changed and influenced
  • conducting challenging conversations about performance
  • identifying strengths and skills as a benchmark for improvement

5.2 All of Government Contract and Procurement
Part 1:Presented by Education Infrastructure Service, Ministry of Education
Jan Barnett – National Account Manager for AoG contracts for Schools

All of Government contracts are initiated and managed by The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. By harnessing the collective buying power of over 3000 govt agencies including State and State Integrated schools government has positioned itself as a customer of choice through the All of Government contract model and is able to achieve substantial cost savings resulting in direct saving for your school.

We have found there has been several misconceptions around the contracts with schools.  This would be a good opportunity to hear how the contracts work for schools as well as learn about other schools that are now using the contracts and the outcomes they have achieved.

The interactive session will cover:

  • What is an All-of-Government contract and how these work for schools
  • Contracts available
  • An update of the contracts that have been renewed in 2015 and the changes that have been made.

Part 2:
Presented by Education Infrastructure Service, Ministry of Education
Dean Hollis, Procurement Development Manager

Dean is leading the development and implementation of school property procurement processes, tools, templates and guides which provide a good practise framework for delivering better outcomes, reduced risk and greater value for money.

The interactive session will cover:

  • Procurement Processes
  • Tools , templates and guides to help you
  • How to achieve better outcomes with your procurement within your school

5.3 Leadership – How to get Extraordinary things done in your School
In this workshop we will explore:

  • The challenges of working in a dynamic and changing environment
  • 5 credible leadership practices
  • Stewardship delegation
  • Managing all the monkeys others try to pass to you
  • How to balance “fighting fires” with achieving your goals

5.4 Keeping the Bounce in your Bungy!
Do you feel like you’re on warp speed every day? Has the bounce gone out of your bungy? It happens to all of us! Life in the 21st century can be demanding, complex and energy sapping.

This session is about you! It’s about how you keep yourself bouncing on the end of your bungy! You’ll hear about the basics of health and wellbeing, and what you need for good health. You’ll understand what’s really important to manage, and how you can do it. You’ll get a range of practical tips to keep you thriving even when the going gets tough. It will look at the reasons why stress is such a problem for us all, why you are not alone in feeling the pressure, and most importantly, what you can do to stress-proof yourself so you really thrive on a daily basis.

Live is for living, and not just surviving, but really thriving! Leave this session with a plan to get started!

6.1 The Outdoor Classroom
Investigating the health and well-being impacts of our playground designs on educational outcomes.  We will look in to what an optimal outdoor learning environment / innovative school playground looks like and how it functions.

Presentation: cost benefit analysis and case studies
Small group work: developing budget for school grounds project
Feedback: to whole group

6.2 Self- Management – the Key to a Better You
Organising oneself and managing one’s time increases productivity and achieves goals.

Learning to work smarter not harder is the secret to success personally and professionally.

  • maintenance versus progress tasks
  • urgent versus important
  • handling interruptions
  • saying “no” by negotiation
  • avoiding procrastination
  • delegation
  • make your time prime time
  • minimising stress
  • dealing with crises
  • dealing with the unexpected at work

6.3 Conquer the Funding Shortage
Developing a constituency and building your database of contacts including individuals and businesses and the approaches to each audience, be it direct mail, face to face, events, capital raising campaigns etc. This will be supported by case studies.

6.4 International Students
The benefit to hosting fee paying international students in your school is significant. This runs from helping to build cultural capability in the school community to providing much needed financial resources to support school development and growth. But hosting fee paying international students also brings with it a range of requirements and responsibilities beyond what is typically considered the core business of schools. This includes 24/7 pastoral care for international students and a range of commercial and business functions that may be new ground for some schools.

In this workshop, participants will come away with deeper insights into:

  • What it means to have an international student business in your school. This includes consideration of effective administration systems, human resource needs, code compliance, budgeting, marketing and student recruitment
  • The role School Executive Officers might play in supporting business operations
  • The role of SIEBA and the benefits of SIEBA membership

The workshop will be presented by Diana Murdoch, International Director at Garin College and John van der Zwan, Executive Director for the Schools International Education Business Association. Participants are welcome to submit questions ahead of the workshop and these can be sent to the conference organisers.

 Participants are welcome to submit questions on international education ahead of the workshop and these can be sent to the conference organisers.