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Third International Learning from Earthquakes Workshop
31 March 2016, Christchurch, New Zealand

The Third International Learning from Earthquakes (LFE) workshop, organised by the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering (NZSEE), is to be held on 31 March 2016 in Christchurch; the day before the NZSEE 2016 Christchurch Conference. The workshop is supported by the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI).

The 2016 workshop is to provide a forum to discuss and document the evolving International Learning from Earthquakes operational model to enhance integration and coordination with local emergency response and recovery arrangements.  Also, for New Zealand, to support the proposed new emergency building management provisions of the NZ Building Act and the revised EQC Act, as well as emergency services arrangements. The workshop is to focus on and advance actions arising from the 2012 and 2014 International Learning from Earthquakes Workshops.

The 2016 Christchurch International Learning from Earthquakes workshop is to gather experienced International practitioners together. The workshop will explore how Learning from Earthquakes response and recovery operations from anywhere in the world, that include International actors, can best be integrated into and inform, and be informed by, other response and recovery elements, such as the local emergency management authorities (LEMA) and building and infrastructure managers, within the UN Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030.

The objective and the outcome of the 2016 workshop is the identification of an operational model of a sustainable but agile multinational programme of work, and the current key actors and supporters, who can advance effective approaches to International Learning from Earthquakes for the benefit of global earthquake resilience.

The 2016 Christchurch workshop is to build on the 2014 International Workshop on Post-Earthquake Data Collection (https://www.eeri.org/projects/learning-from-earthquakes-lfe/eq-data-collection/ ), particularly Actions 2 (a-c), and additionally new Actions (d-f) being:

  1. Standardization (for consistency and international interoperability of data);
  2. Defining value of data collection;
  3. Consideration of categorizing data under time and purpose.
  4. Building information management, pre- and post- event;
  5. Integration and dissemination of remote sensing of earthquake impacts with geospatial impact data management and visualisation (using examples from recent earthquakes);
  6. LFE/LEMA interoperability and the recognition of and interfacing with other response and recovery actors.

Note that the general principles for Learning from Earthquakes have equivalence for other events, such as floods, tsunami, major landslides, and volcanic eruptions.

Participants at the workshop are to be made up of interested Observers and invited Panellists. This arrangement is to:

  • Focus facilitated discussion between a panel of persons with significant relevant International experience, particularly related to International Learning from Earthquakes;
  • Allow for additional interested persons to attend as Observers.

Observers are anticipated to be predominantly registrants of the NZSEE 2016 Christchurch Conference. Observers will benefit from hearing the different International views on the discussion points and from networking with the Panellists and other Observers during breaks. Observers will have limited speaking rights.

Panellists are being invited from countries and organisations with known active post earthquake response and recovery arrangements, including the USA, Canada, Italy, Chile, the UK, Japan, Australia, Nepal, some South Pacific Islands, and New Zealand.

Novotel Christchurch Cathedral Square

Thursday 31 March

07:30   Panellists’ registration and breakfast
08:30   Observers’ registration
09:00   Workshop, addressing actions items (a) – (f) above, with coffee and lunch supplied for Panellists                                 and Observers.
17:00   Close

Registration for Observers (NZ$120pp+GST)

Via NZSEE 2016 Christchurch conference website registration page – http://confer.co.nz/nzsee2016/registration/

Peter Wood, Principal Organiser, for NZSEE – [email protected]

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