Lunchtime Symposia

Tuesday 14th February
13.00 – 13.45

Title: Incubate your Ideas
So you’ve started your commercialisation journey working with the tech transfer office.  You might be thinking about where to next.  Come and hear from Callaghan Innovation and the technology incubators about how they can help you to commercialise your technology.


Elena Higgison, Callaghan Innovation (

Carl Jones, WNT Ventures (

Brett Oliver, Astrolab (

Stephen Hampson, powerHouse (


Wednesday 15th February
13.00 – 13.45

Title: – The new Nature Research Solution in Nanotechnology

Abstract: Vast amounts of information and data related to nanotechnology are scattered throughout different journals and patents. The lack of standardized nomenclature for nanomaterials is another challenge which makes the finding and transfer of scientific results a difficult task. We will introduce a solution to overcome these issues, called Nano. Nano provides highly indexed and structured information related to nanomaterials and devices derived from peer-reviewed journals and patents. These include composition, synthesis, properties, characterization methods and application. It aims to provide nanotechnology research communities fast and precise insights into this multi- and interdisciplinary field, and keep up to date with new discoveries and developments.


Speaker: William Chiuman, Director Product Management for Nano

William graduated with a PhD from McMaster University in Canada followed by two post-doctoral fellowships at Emory University in US and McMaster University. He has published 15 ISI-indexed journal articles and one book chapter related to DNA enzymes, aptamers and nanoscale biosensors before he joined Springer in 2011. William has been involved in developing Nano over the past 2 years and successfully launched it under the Nature Research portfolio in June, 2016.