Invited Symposium 2

Ministry of Education – Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) Meets Success for All

Two key initiatives to promote wellbeing, engagement, participation and achievement in New Zealand schools.

Opening  (15 minutes)

  1. Whole group – introductions etc
  2. Overview – what was the origins of this work/evidence/the problem PB4L and Success for All is attempting to address
  3. A quick overview of the programmes/initiatives


Round table/small group with various presenters  ( 60 minutes/four slots of 15 minutes)

A maximum time of 15 minutes per group.  Participants will have the opportunity to move to   4”small groups”.

Round table /small groupName of small group presenter/facilitator
PB4L School-WideDiana Shepherd – PB4L Programme Manager
Incredible YearsJenny Bauckham -Senior Advisor, Incredible Years Programme
Intensive Wraparound Service (IWS)Brett Hunt - Clinical Psychologist IWS
The Inclusion Online Knowledge CentreJudy Cochrane – Inclusion Online Knowledge Centre Developer
Tools such as the “[email protected] school” survey and the “inclusive practices” self review tool for schoolsTanya McKenzie Support Specialist and [email protected] & IPT Co-ordinator

In the small groups the facilitator/presenter will talk about:

  • A brief overview of the programme/initiative – what does it look like for those involve in the programme, how is the programme implemented, how have we made it effective for Maori
  • The successes and challenges
  • What is being achieved – numbers of programmes/participants, quantitative and qualitative, a story anecdote to illustrate what the programme is achieving.
  • What we are learning on how to improve the programme

Time for questions and discussion